• Our warranty covers hardware and labor ** hardware only in chrome or brushed nickel, 3 years on the other finishes***
  • Vinyl, silicone and plastic seals are not cover under warranty
  • Ammonia Based Cleaners should not be used to clean the glass or hardware (Warranty will be voided)
  • Mold, “Soap Scum” and Bacterias are a maintenance issue on the part of the homeowner and can not be covered by Shore Glass
  • Tiles are not covered under warranty. Tiles break due to an initial improper installation. This happens when the installer leaves a hollow space behind the tiles. We never recommend glass tiles to be installed where you plan a shower door to be installed (hinged or anchored). Glass tiles are very fragile, in other areas of the shower there will be no problem.

The customer is responsible to register their warranty. The customer must still retain receipts or proof of purchase.

Register Your Warranty

* Within 1 year of installation there will be no charges for service calls for plastic gaskets and seals or any minor adjustments. After the first year, we do charge $150 for all service calls.